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Your pastry shop at Foz since 1935

About Tavi

Located in Rua Senhora da Luz, in the heart of Foz, Tavi is recognized, since 1935, as one of the most renowned pastry shops in Porto. Remodeled in 2006, it became a space where tradition and modernity live together harmoniously. It is sought out by many, not only for its quality pastries, but also for its fabulous lounge terrace with a privileged view of the sea.

Eat and stay for more, this is our invitation. Bon appetite!

Our bread


A classic. This wheat-based bread is a must on the table at meal times.


A functional bread that contains sesame seeds, wheat, dark rye and linseed.


Made from wheat, rye and bran flours, this bread brings a mixture of flavours and colours to your day.


Rye and malt
Rich in fibre and essential minerals. Did you know that malt is one of the main ingredients used in beer production?


At the weekend there is always a freshly baked regueifa. Available on Saturdays and Sundays, coming out of the oven several times a day.


Milk bread and “duck beak” buns
Our sweetest and most moreish bread is made from wheat flour, eggs and milk.


Pão d'Avó
Of a rustic appearance, this wheat and rye bread delights both grandparents and grandchildren.


Rich in fibre, our bran bread has a crunchy texture and is the perfect choice to “keep slim”.


Pão da Aldeia (Village Bread)


Corn and Sunflower


Bread with Raisins


Always in the mood for a good chat

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Delivery & Take-away

Rua Sra. da Luz, 363
Foz · Porto, Portugal

Reservations: clientes@tavi.pt

Email: padaria@tavi.pt

Rua Sra. da Luz, 356
Foz · Porto, Portugal

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Segunda a Sexta
7h15 às 19h00
Sábado e Domingo
8h00 às 19h00
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